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Our Services
TSC offers a wide range of training
modules for purchasing staff.

• Panel Management,
• Negotiation,
• Purchasing KPIs,
• Suppliers Performance Management

are one of the modules that TSC will
train your team on with the support
of experts.
Spend Analysis is a strategic step for a  
successefull Strategic Sourcing. The  
Strategic Sourcing starts and ends  
with Spends Analysis. The aim of this  
step is to make a plan of actions that  
are designed to bring improvement to  
the purchases functions in terms of  
quality, services and costs:
Know Suppliers, Markets,  
Opportunities, Customers, and Spend
Assess Opportunities
Build an Action Plan
Prioritize Actions
TSC is your preferred partner for the following services:
While your productivity plan is done  
or a have a specific need to launch  
an RFQ, Tounes Sourcing Consulting  
team is your partner in the  
preparation of the RFQ files, and in  
the RFQ management.  
• Select suppliers to request
• Send and Follow-up RFQ
• Quotations Analysis
• Negotiation
• Supplier Awards
• Contrat Management
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