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Web based plateform to manage
the supplier relationship:

Vendors Profile
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SQA matters
The Spend Analysis Tools give to  
buyers relevant analysis of their  
purchasing spends to help them  
understand their spends, project  
spends and take curative, preventive  
and proactive decision to drive the  
sourcing activities to excellence...
TSC is your preferred partner for the following Solutions:
This tools is ideal to save all RFQ  
activity in all in one sourcing tools.
Sharing ongoing RFQ and historical  
RFQ in collaborative way is one of  
the strong point oh the tool. With it  
you can structure in professionel  
way the RFQ files...
The contrat management software  
is a perfect solution to archive all  
contrats on strcutured and shared  
manner... Contracts alerts are one  
of the main advantages of this tool.
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